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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Does your entree come with rice?
A. Yes, your choice of steamed or fried rice

Q. Can entrees listed in red be cooked without spice?
A. We can modify all entrees with or without the spice

Q. I see an entree made with pork, can it be made with beef?
A. Most likely we can substitute for another meat with some exceptions. Call us at 719-495-891 for more info

Q. Can I add soup and appertizer to my entree?

A. Yes, we have family dinners that come with soup and appertizer or add $1.75 for soup, egg roll, and cheese wonton


Q. Do you put MSG in your food?
A. We use natural sugar for the most part. Some entrees may contain little traces of MSG. If you prefer, we can leave out the MSG

Q. What is the expected wait time for take-out vs. delivery?

A. Take-out usually takes 10-15 minutes and delivery is 30-45 minutes. It may take longer on the weekend.

Q. Can I order half an order or a smaller portion?
A. Unfortunately no, this helps reduce our food cost

Q. Can I add extra meat or vegetables to my order?
A. Yes, extra meat or vegetables can be added in increment of $1. (exmp. $1 = three shrimps)


Q. How far do you delivery?
A. we offer delivery to customers within a four mile radius. Please see coverage map

Q. Are you related to Bamboo Garden?
A. No.

Q. Can I get Lo Mein instead of rice?
No. Lo Mein is a separate dinner entree.
See our menu page under Lo Mein